In my post on ‘what is SEO‘ , I talked a little about link building. Affiliation has always been something young forums/websites can use as a ‘you scratch my back, i’ll scratch yours’ kind of thing. Both websites link to each other through a url link (or button as commonly seen on forums) in an attempt to bolster both their traffic.

The quality of your back links is more important than the quantity. With this in mind, i’ve been reaching out to well established websites/forums in an attempt to increase the activity on my forum.

Naming a few, MFGG is a strong established mario fansite with alot of traffic and have agreed to add my button. Nintendo Castle who have added a url link, publish nintendo news quite frequently. I’ve made sure to only request affiliation with video game websites or forums which have a similar theme to mine (nintendo or animal crossing based). Unfortunately, there isn’t much active animal crossing forums out there so I had to look outside the gates a little!

In particular I was thinking, who could I affiliate with that could benefit my members with new features? I asked alot of the affiliates if they wanted to host events and alot of them seemed quite keen but when I reached out to MoriDB’s animal crossing database I received an unexpected response. The owner was willing to send us their ENTIRE database!

Another passage from my studies mentioned that alot of top sites have a feature which allows users to search for content, so with some hope, this will encourage users to stay on our forum and participate more!

I must of sent about 20 requests by email or forum message and most of the ones that did reply were all super friendly and had alot to offer (it pays to ask!).

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