Crazy Egg – Scrollmaps & Heatmaps

Crazy Egg is a website tool which helps track mouse-movements and gives you insight into where most of your users are clicking on your page. It also provides great insight into what parts of your page users are most viewing in the form of a scrollmap.


Red represents the most user activity and blue having the least activity, yellow/green being mid range.

Most users are staying ‘above the fold‘ and activity steadily decreases as you scroll down. However, unlike the image above shows, there is a section below the blue which is coloured green indicating alot of users are staying at the top, but also skipping to the end. For a forum this is very useful because it shows me which sections users are most interested in.

With this in mind, I decided to simplify my forum so most of the sections can be seen at a glance without scrolling. I put all the forum categories up on the chopping board and worked out which ones I could merge into other sections, which ones were redundant and which could become sub forums. Combining all the sections was one of the best decisions I could of done even though I was reluctant at first.

It is not only tidier and easier to navigate but each section looks alot more lively now the threads totals are merged. It’s also much easier to manage!

Next up is the heatmap, this shows specifically which parts of the page users are clicking on the most.


What I noticed first was that most users were using the navigation bar at the top alot. Users adapt to finding the quickest and easiest way to navigate a website/forum and tend to look for key points when learning a new website. It was nice to see that alot of the key functionality was being noticed such as using the short cuts, hovering over the animated spinning staff pictures, clicking the category headers to minimise the sections.

Crazy Egg has been extremely useful in helping me learn the best way to cater my forum to visitors and I wholeheartedly recommend it if you want to make your website more efficient!

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