I’ve always been aware of how important having clear and properly defined html is, even at university we got into the habit of continuously leaving comments on code to help you understand your html better. Meta Descriptions & Page Titles can be an obvious oversight but might be one of the reason why i’m having an issue with Google’s definitions of my forum.

For a long time, i’ve been curious as to why Google has used these particular links when you Google ‘The Sapling Forums’:


The descriptions do not match at all, and seem to be completely random. The off-topic discussion description is for the log in screen and the shop description is for the ‘playing online’ category. In fact, at one point, they even decided to use an error page as one of the links! SEO for Growth has reminded me of how important proper meta descriptions are, and how they help search engine’s locate and proper describe your content. Page titles usually form the blue text link in the search engine and meta descriptions the test underneath. I believe my page titles are mostly up to date, however I am going to add proper meta descriptions and see if this solves Google’s haphazard labelling system.

Posted by Steven Ford

Games Design Graduate | Entrepreneur | Video Game Enthusiast | Studying SEO

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