Using Seo for Growth’s free seo website audit, will help identify the exisiting SEO equity of your site. But it is important to note, it’s not perfect. Alot of the data they pulled is simply incorrect. However, it is still a good indication of what needs to be improved and if nothing else, gives you an insight into important seo factors.

Here are the results from the report:


As it stands, SFG’s audit has ranked me at 60% in terms of seo equity, which isn’t bad but there’s always room for improvement! That mark should be higher as alot of their pulled data is incorrect as you’ll see below.


Ranks vs Competitors shows where my forum ranks in comparison to my chosen competitor when you search ‘animal crossing forum‘. I question their ‘tool’ at this point, as when you search ‘animal crossing forum’ yourself, the sapling forums comes up 3rd in bing, 4th in yahoo and 7th in google (so I am unsure where they pulled this data from as it’s incorrect).

Interesting to note that ‘animal crossing community’ (3rd competitor) is actually ranked higher in bing than the bell tree forms (which I originally though held the monopoly).


Backlinks in SEO are the signals being returned from other websites in the form of links; “a hyperlink that links from a Web page, back to your own Web page or Web site“. Advertising boards on proboards forums are increasingly common (a socially accepted construct in the proboards community). The amount of backlinks I have is much better than I realised (considering my forum is only 2-3 years old and the bell tree’s is 12-13)


This is interesting to see. In proboards, “The Sapling Animal Crossing Forums” is in the title of my homepage. However, my forum wrapper html links to it in the forum settings using bbcode: $[]. It might be wise to simply use html. The same goes for the body tag.


Loading is something i’ve always struggled with, however i’ve used audit checkers in the past and it’s never mentioned 10 seconds or longer, squints eyes*. Proboards uses plugins which run alongside your code. It is possible this is affecting load time, I will have to look into this.

I am unsure why proboards isn’t allowing search engines to index the homepage using the meta tags either, adds to list*.


Time seems to be a prominent factor in trust rankings. My forum might be only 2-3 years old, but i’ve managed to increase it’s rank in google fast using SEO and generally being passionate/active in my project.

SFG defines domain strength as: “Domain Strength is an estimate of the authority of your site in the eyes of search engines. It is on a scale of 1-100 with 100 being the highest authority.”


As mentioned in my post on fixing soft 404s, google doesn’t have the time to crawl all your pages, so fixing errors and soft 404s is essential to maximise the important pages it does crawl.

This result also raises an eye as googling does come up with my forum and it has been indexed by all 3 search engines. I presume proboards back end method of display it’s forums is responsible for this (as has been the problem with alot of things). Google recommends searching for your site address to determine whether it has been indexed.

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