Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Nintendo have finally announced a brand new animal crossing for mobile devices, releasing late November. I was so ecstatic to hear some animal crossing news, not just because I love the series but because I finally have new content to revitalise the sapling with! (the series has been quiet for a long while now).


Despite being slightly behind due to my timezone, as soon as I woke up  I jumped on creating my first killer content.

Content is what drives your website forward and google want to see high quality content distributed frequently. A great website will educate and provide users with information and keep them coming back for more.

Alot of news websites probably already were ready to click that post button, and considering most timezones got the news before UK I already knew there wouldn’t be as much point recreating what had already been said. So I decided to take the nintendo direct apart, and create a comprehensive guide which gives a better sense into how to play the game as opposed to simply telling you what’s in it.

So I created my huge guide post, made a captivating thumbnail and shared it to all my social media pages.


Something worth noting when sharing to facebook, if your link preview isn’t displaying the correct image (possibly because you’ve recently changed it), you can use facebook’s debugger to refresh information associated with your link. I have to do this frequently as proboards doesn’t allow me to edit meta tags for opengraph protocol. I can only update the image, share the link and then change it back after i’ve shared the post.

If you do have access to the individual webpage, you can use this html to tell facebook what information to show:

<meta property=og:title content=“Animal Crossing Pocket – A Complete Overview>

<meta property=og:description content=“Nintendo have finally broken the silence on the new animal crossing mobile game titled ‘Animal Crossing Pocket Camp’. >

<meta property=og:image content=>

<meta property=og:url content=>

I sometimes use facebook boost to get my posts out there to people who otherwise wouldn’t of even heard of the sapling.

When I want a quick overview on my current traffic, I use proboards analytics.


Most importantly, have a look at the blue and red lines. The blue line is my traffic and the red line is posts made. I boosted the post on october 23rd-24th and my traffic shot up briefly. It doesn’t benefit everyone but when you’re starting off it’s a good way to reach new audiences (only £2 for a day’s promotion).

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