How to Disavow unwanted websites

Google Search Console includes a list of backlinks which google has tracked for your website overtime. Not all links are relevant or positively beneficial to your website and can affect how google views your website, impacting your seo equity. Auditing these unwanted backlinks may give your website a better ranking by eliminating dodgy and irrelevant third-party links targeting your site.

The disavow tool allows you to upload a txt file specifically telling google which backlinks to ignore. This is an advanced SEO tool and shouldn’t be used if you don’t know what you’re doing as it can impact your SERP ranking.

To do so, first you need to compile a list of all backlinks into a single spreadsheet. Google’s Webmaster Tools allows you to open a list of links in google docs for quick editing. You may want to use additional software/websites such as as google doesn’t report new links immediately.

You should have a list similar to this:


/** My animal crossing forum used for reference **/

Next step is to audit your links. Go through them one by one and write ‘domain:’ next to each backlink you want to disavow [note that you can also disavow urls]:


Once you have finalised your list, copy all the links and ONLY the links you want to disavow into a txt file such as notepad. By clicking the disavow links button and uploading your file, you will be finalising your decision to ignore these links so make sure you are 100% certain.

If all is successful you should get a note saying you have successfully disavowed your links. Maintaining a healthy list of back links should become a regular audit!

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