SEM & SEO – Brand Identity

The lines between social media marketing and search engine optimisation are slightly blurred. Whilst social platforms like facebook, twitter and discord don’t have an impact on your SEO directly (according to Google), they can have a major indirect effect, encourage visitors to join your community and lead them to your personalised website.

My forum, The Sapling Forums has 4 major social platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr & Discord. I choose these 4 because based on my research/general knowledge, these platforms are what animal crossing users tend to use the most for different reasons.

I’ve adopted a new maxim for my brand which is whatever i’m working on make it as efficient, useful and creative as it can be in it’s own right, as every feature you implement can have indirect seo factors.

Everything you design or create becomes part of your image and adds to how visitors perceive you. This is why when I set my mind on a task, I put 100% into it as you don’t know who’s looking at it. If you leave sloppy broken links everywhere or broken features it shows, and you can bet people will notice these and think ‘this isn’t professional at all’.

It’s what people don’t notice which is just as important. Once something works, it works and won’t negatively impact your image..

Ichigyo-zammai is a popular Japanese phrase and one of my favourite rules to follow. It means “one thing at a time”. Whatever you work on, take one task at a time and spend that little extra effort/time on it, do it once and do it right.

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