The Sapling Forums reaches Rank 1st/2nd & 3rd in Google

I’ve been monitoring the sapling forums rank in google when typing the most popular keyword phrase when searching for animal crossing forums which is:

  1. Animal Crossing Forum
  2. Animal Crossing Forums
  3. “Animal Crossing Forum”
  4. “Animal Crossing Forums”

Google displays search results based on individual keywords and phrases as a whole depending on if they are in quotations. If you search animal crossing forum, it will list not only animal crossing forums but pages relating to animals, crossings, animal crossings and generic forums.

When put into quotation marks it display results relevant to the whole phrase (best means of searching).

For the above google searches, the results as of 16/02/2018 is as follows: (all are on the 1st page from the top)

  • Animal Crossing Forum [4th Rank]
  • Animal Crossing Forums [3rd Rank]
  • “Animal Crossing Forum” [1st Rank]
  • “Animal Crossing Forums” [3rd Rank]

As of 20/02/2018, the sapling has gone up again! The new rankings are as follows:

  • Animal Crossing Forum [3rd Rank]
  • Animal Crossing Forums [2nd Rank]
  • “Animal Crossing Forum” [1st Rank]
  • “Animal Crossing Forums” [2nd Rank]


Most users aren’t aware of using quotation marks for better search results, so the most important ranks are those without. However, it’s still a massive achievement to be first on google for “Animal Crossing Forum” despite my rivals being around for 5 or more years and some having 4000x more members than mine!


SEO really does help increase the web presence of your website or forum even if you don’t have alot of community activity. Despite having barely any new posts each day from members, through the use of search engine optimisation i’ve managed to push my forum close to the top. My traffic is much better than before and i’m excited to think how it will rank once activity soars.

Important to note, my two major competitors: the bell tree forums and animal crossing community are ranked higher in most of the results except when searched with quotation marks or bing which has decided to rank my forum 2nd when searching: animal crossing forums, above the bell tree but below ACC.

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