2018’s modern seo map – what you should be doing constantly

There are multiple steps you should be taking daily or even weekly to make sure your website is constantly seo-friendly and optimised. Figuring this out amongst everything else you should be doing can be daunting at times, so this is my attempt at a list-friendly guide:


Back in 2011/2011, Google released the panda and penguin updates respectively in order to combat spammy context farms and unnatural back-linking. If you believe there’s still alot of spammy, artificial or low-quality links targeting your website, then you can disavow remaining links and tell google not to take them into account when accessing your website.

To start the process, click here.

[be warned, if you are unsure of what you’re doing, this can largely affect your site’s performance]

Image Alt Tags, Page Titles & Meta Descriptions

It might seem like an obvious one, but the amount of times i’ve made blog posts with images and forgot to fill in the alt has made it difficult to go back and find them all. Do yourself a favour and fill it in as you go!

Same goes for titles & descriptions. Extremely easy to overlook but unless you want google to pull any old information into your link descriptions you must add this to your code.

Duplicate code/content & broken links

If you use a free hoster, sometimes junk code or duplicate content can be created by mistake. This is more of an admin job, but constantly checking your code/content will prevent google from wasting time indexing your site.

Soft 404s should be checked every so often using google webmaster tools just to make sure anything you’ve deleted isn’t still floating around.

Optimise your content with your keywords

Ideally this is best to do as you go along. Organically incorporate your keywords into your content as this is what users will be searching with to locate your content. Don’t keyword stuff as google picks up on this and is another form of black hat SEO.

These are but a few of seo techniques you can follow daily, but in the end it’s an ongoing process and google is constantly shifting it’s algorithm, so don’t beat yourself up if your site fluctuates alot because it will.

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