Learn how to conduct an seo audit in 5 minutes using 10 steps

Using this quick guide, you can rate the seo equity of a client’s website. This is a basic seo audit but includes important aspects every website should analyse:

  1. Analyse the website’s content and list keyword opportunities which appear frequently.
  2. Check URL structure (shorter, readable and more memorable url structures are better).
  3. Add titles/meta descriptions to all pages.
  4. Analyse internal/external links.
  5. Optimise images to include alt tags.
  6. Check for duplicate site content, broken links, code quality (structure and empty code), mobile-friendliness and page load speed.
  7. Backlink profile for quality and risk potential.
  8. Access authority and trust scores.
  9. Review their social media presence and signals.
  10. Construct a competitive backlink analysis.

Following these steps, you can provide a basic review of any website’s seo.

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