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Learn how to conduct an seo audit in 5 minutes using 10 steps

Conduct a basic seo audit fast using these 10 easy to follow steps.

SEO Report – SEO for Growth

A report using SEO for Growth’s free seo website audit.

A useful free way to identify your existing seo equity, but be warned, this tool isn’t always correct.

Soft 404s and why it’s important to fix them

The time users spend searching for something on google is valuable and should not be squandered. Your website might be at the top of google for your intended search, but having soft 404s displayed can decrease the chance of users […]

Google Webmaster Tools & Meta Description Update

So previously I mentioned that meta descriptions were the suspected cause of why my page links for my forum in Google were showing incorrect descriptions (see here for this). Proboards continue to impress me as most of their panel/forum design […]

Google’s Advertising System

A useful free tool you can use to help with keyword research is Google’s ‘Keyword Planner’. It is a free tool whih helps generate refined keyword lists for your website. Google offers great insight and tips on getting the most […]

Page Titles & Meta Descriptions

I’ve always been aware of how important having clear and properly defined html is, even at university we got into the habit of continuously leaving comments on code to help you understand your html better. Meta Descriptions & Page Titles […]


When people search, they are usually using a few keywords or even a single word. The type of keywords can help search engines find and pick out your content quickly. I came across a website called Semalt which gives you […]

“A website is not a marketing plan.”

Your website is the cornerstone of your strategy, provides the content and provides your product. Your marketing strategy should properly convey to your target audience what it is you do and what you can offer for them.

Crazy Egg – Scrollmaps & Heatmaps

Crazy Egg is a website tool which helps track mouse-movements and gives you insight into where most of your users are clicking on your page. It also provides great insight into what parts of your pages people are most viewing in […]

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

A good understanding of what SEO is will lay the foundation for a successful SEO strategy. Search engines are a medium for shouting out your latest projects and achievements and it’s easier for people to hear you if they can see where the noise is coming from.